It’s a deep dive into everything related to your funnels - your dream clients, your offers and your goals.

 We map out your customer journey and existing product and services, to identify any gaps or missed opportunities. We then use this to create a solid blueprint, so that you know exactly how to take your profitable funnels from plan to reality, where to focus first and the exact steps to take, and when - whether that’s optimising an existing funnel or creating something new.

Whether you’re creating your first funnel or 50th...
This IS the perfect starting point for all YOUR funnels!


"After a year of spending money on courses, I decided it was time to get tailored 1:1 help and expert eyeballs on my business.

I actually called Becky's session funnel therapy because I felt SO much lighter afterwards. Like a huge weight had been lifted.

Not only did she guide me through the tech - a real stumbling block for me - she explained what needed to happen and in what order. After months of little progress, I could see how to get all the pieces of my funnel working to complement each other and give my clients exactly what they needed to move them forward. 

And while I've been knee deep in creating content, having someone to walk me through the process and see the bigger picture has been priceless."

- Colette McBeth - 

Colette McBeth Storytelling 

⭐️ You don't just want a funnel, but want a strategically designed funnel that isn't going to leave money on the table.

⭐️ You know that you could take the success that you’ve had with your course or programme launch and create something powerful, that does most of the heavy lifting, consistently delivering sales and most importantly a great customer experience. 

⭐️ Or, maybe you have a funnel, but you know it could be working harder for you and you want to optimise it, scale it and take it to the next level.

For coaches and course creators serious about creating funnels that are a fundamental and lasting asset in their business, that consistently and predictably generate profit.

who's it for?

 Our goal is to create a detailed blueprint, your customised road map for a successful funnel that has the best possible chance of working. I’m not just going to sit down & tell you how to build a funnel - this is about how to build an incredible funnel that is totally aligned for you, that slots into your business that works in every single way.
This is not funnel tactics, this goes way deeper, this is about looking strategically at the big picture, so that you make more money, whilst your funnels do the heavy lifting, attract the right clients and deliver an amazing customer journey. 

What it's not...

In this 90-minute focused session we go through everything, to make sure that we have a deep understanding of where you really want to go - your big goals, your dream client, who you love working with. Everything we need to get it out of your head onto paper so that you can bring your ideas to life.

We want to make sure we’re building you the right funnel and not wasting valuable time building something that isn't going to take you closer to where you want to go. 

The key objective here is clarity! 


intensive strategy session 

Whilst we’re not about quick wins, we are all about delivering tangible results.

This means looking at what you already have working in your business, where we can optimise this and take it to the next level - so that it can do its thing and make you more money whilst we build your new funnels. 

We all stART with a detailed onboarding questionnaire, so we  really understand your objectives to ENSURE WE build you the right funnel.



I take everything we’ve discussed and create your funnel plan. This isn't just some crappy one page template, copy and pasted from one client to the next. It’s a detailed  report, with your personalised funnel strategy and blueprint. Your funnel strategy completely mapped out with the steps needed to create that profitable funnel. 

THE exacT STEps You need to make your PROFITABLE funnel a reality.


your personalised funnel blueprint

How does it work?


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next steps?

You can choose to work with us to make your blueprint and make it a reality. No overwhelm or hassle, you can feel confident that your funnel is in safe, expert hands. And, if you do decide to work with us to create your funnel, a £300 credit is applied to account towards your funnel build.

Alternatively, since you walk away with absolute clarity and a tangible plan for your funnels, if you don't want to take that next step and work with us to build it, you've got it all mapped out. You can delegate your funnel build to your team or VA, and if you'd like my eyes on any part of the the process just ask.  

Leadership Coach & Consultant


Leigh's objective was to get clarity about her customer journey as she was embarking on big changes in her business...

 "Literally from the moment we started, the light bulbs were going off because of the questions that Becky asked. There was no set way for me to do things. It was just brilliant, the way that she was asking questions, understanding what it was that I wanted to achieve in terms of where I wanted my customers to go. And the steps that ideally I wanted them to take in order to get there.

 She asked some really thought provoking questions, got me thinking differently about what I wanted. And what I wanted for my end user. And I just loved it, I came away with huge insight, lots of aha moments.

And now I've got a clear funnel mapped out that I can then go and work with. And the beautiful thing is that even if I decide that I don't want to do it myself, I can go back to Becky and her team and I can have it done for me. So it's really a win win.

I couldn't recommend her more particularly if you're like me where you've been a bit resistant - you understand why a funnel is important, but you really want to do it your way."

Client words


While I can’t guarantee results (no-one can - there are so many factors at play) I only work with clients if I’m 100% sure you have everything in place, for us to achieve the best possible outcome. And if I don’t think you’re ready or I’m right for you I promise, I’ll always be completely honest with you.