Aside from a background in digital marketing (Google Ads & SEO), I grew up as the eldest daughter of a workaholic business owner. Dad was a domestic appliance engineer who took the leap of going it alone. He set up with a van, his tools and mum answering the phone, before moving on to run a team of engineers and diversifying into water softeners. 
And guess what? My dad got ‘bitten’ with online ads. After huge promises, he trusted an agency, only to see all his figures drop off a cliff. Not only did he pour his hard-earned profits into a black hole, but the leads he’d been getting through Google dried up. Watching him go through that fired a deep determination in me, to help make sure NO business owner ever experiences that.

What makes me the right ‘fit’ for you?

It’s why I’ll NEVER work with anyone I don’t truly believe I can help.

And honestly, I genuinely know what it's like to be a business owner (I am one!). The blood, sweat (and sometimes tears) involved. The hours you put into your hopes & dreams; building relationships & your reputation.
My own business started in 2018 after I had become disillusioned with teaching (not the pupils, but the target setting & constant curriculum changes, not to mention barely seeing my own children!).

Since social media had moved on - a lot, I invested in a course to update my skills and it was here I discovered Facebook Ads. It turned out that I was a natural, and I could utilise my Google Ads and SEO skills, - getting great results for my clients. 

But more and more potential clients were coming to work with me thinking that Facebook Ads were a silver bullet that could transform their business overnight. That Facebook Ads alone could see them magically get those 100-course purchases they’d been dreaming off.

Or worse still, they’d been bitten. They’d had a bad experience with ads and came to the conclusion that Facebook ads don’t work. For the majority of these clients, there was something bigger going on. Something was amiss - with their funnel, with their messaging, or with the offer itself.

I realised that my support went beyond delivering successful ad campaigns & what set me apart from other ads managers was my ability to see the bigger picture, to identify the parts of client funnels that were working and help fix the parts that weren’t.

And this is why everything starts with your funnel & why the very first phase of working together - whether we’re planning out a launch or creating an ads campaign, is making sure that you have all the foundations in place so that when you do get started you’re ready for takeoff.

If you're not sure where to start or what would be the 'right' funnel for you and your business, take the quiz to find out. 

Over the last 2 years, I have worked with nearly 100 coaches & consultants and seen behind the scenes of many funnels. 


So that’s me. And I’d love to help you too.